Our Approach

Our Approach

We Are Unique

Effective human resources management is a balancing act between doing what’s best for the employee while protecting the employer’s assets. It is the most difficult aspect of running any business because it deals with managing people, and we are all different. Different in how we communicate and interpret situations based upon our values and our expectations in the workplace.

Many H.R. problems can still be resolved, even in advanced stages, with coaching and guidance from a consummate professional who knows the parameters of permissible and proactive actions to take to resolve complicated employee relations issues.

At Executives Corridor, we operate on the principle that when an individual accepts a new position, the whole person goes to work for that company, not just a collection of abilities or job skills. In our 5 plus years of human resource experience, we have found that most people succeed or fail at a job for reasons related to attitude or personality, rather than specific skill levels. Becoming overly concerned with an individual's credentials, while disregarding his or her personality and interests could be an invitation to future personnel problems.

When Executives Corridor undertakes a staffing assignment for a client, we evaluate not only a candidate's career history, but also conduct a detailed analysis of the applicant's personality traits, interests, mental ability and work style. We are committed to eliminating your personnel problems before they become disruptive and costly. We can find the right person - not just a list of impressive credentials - to meet the needs of the position.